Beardtongues Dark Towers

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Penstemon Dark Towers

Size: C3

Plant age: 2-3 y.

Height of the adult plant: 70-80 cm

Frost resistance: -28°С

Description: Beardtongues Dark Towers is an extremely striking, wonderfully beautiful, and delicate perennial plant. The flowers are tubular, up to 3 cm in size, pink in color, collected in dense terminal panicle inflorescences, up to 15 cm long. They are contrastingly expressive against the background of dark, narrow, purple-cherry leaves, which retain their color throughout the summer when planted in a sunny spot. The height of the upright bush is up to 70-80 cm. It blooms abundantly and for a long time, from June to August. Prefers sunny spots but can tolerate partial shade. Loamy, moderately moist soils. Propagated by dividing the bush in spring or late summer. Unpretentious, winter-hardy, and quickly grows.

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