Cucumber Corveta H

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Cucumis sativus L.

Early and High-Yielding Hybrid Gherkin Variety

Introducing an early, high-yielding hybrid gherkin variety, perfect for both pickling and canning. This versatile gherkin thrives in greenhouses covered with plastic film as well as in outdoor gardens.

Standout Features

  • Delicious Fruits: Green, crunchy, and slightly rugged with a non-bitter taste.
  • Optimal Growth: Best germination temperature is +21–24°C.

Planting Tips

Sow 1-2 seeds per cup or directly into the soil. For seedlings, transplant the strongest ones to their permanent location after the last frost. Gherkin seedlings typically grow within 25–30 days.

Ideal Growing Conditions

Choose a warm, sunny spot in your garden. For the best yield, plant in soil previously used for potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, beans, or onions. Always sow 15-20% more seeds than the expected number of seedlings to ensure an ample crop.

Planting Density and Yield

One gram of seeds can cover an area of 10-14 m², with an estimated yield of 60-110 kg under favorable growing conditions.

Don't miss out on a bountiful harvest—order your gherkin seeds today!

Earlyness of the variety: Early
Hermetic packaging: Yes
Quantity in a packet: 1.5 g
Number of seeds per gram: ~35-50
Sowing depth, cm: 1 cm
Sowing time in the soil: V-VI
Sowing time in the greenhouse: IV
Distances, cm: 70x30 cm
Planting distances: VI, 70x30 cm
Harvest: VI-IX
Self-pollinating: Yes
Type of fruit: Heavy drizzle
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