European Birch PURPUREA

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Betula pendula PURPUREA

Size: 1.5L

Seedling height: 80-90 cm

Discover the 'PURPUREA' European Birch: A Colorful and Tall Tree for Your Garden

The 'PURPUREA' European Birch stands out with its reddish-brown foliage, adding a burst of color and vitality to your garden design. This tall tree thrives in well-lit areas, where it grows quickly and forms a lush canopy. It's undemanding in terms of soil, growing well in fresh sandy loam and lighter silty loam soils, but doesn't tolerate dry soil or high groundwater. The 'PURPUREA' birch has a strong and well-developed root system, producing abundant root suckers, making it valuable for both forestry and landscaping. The 'PURPUREA' European Birch is an excellent choice as a garden highlight, offering both decorative and practical benefits.

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