Hydrangea Arborescens Lime Rickey

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Hydrangea arborescens Lime Rickey

Size: C2

Plant age: 2 y.


This shrub features strong branches that support its inflorescences without falling apart. The shrub reaches a height of 0.8–1.2 m and a diameter of 0.7–0.9 m. The inflorescences are 20–25 cm in diameter. Initially, the inflorescences captivate with lime shades, then gradually lighten to become cream-white by the end. The flowering period lasts from June to September.

Growing Features

The shrub prefers open, sunny locations but can also thrive in partial shade, though this may reduce the ornamental value of the inflorescences. It winters well in mid-latitudes, with mulching and planting in wind-protected areas recommended. It's winter-hardy, enduring temperatures down to –40 °C.


Perfect for any composition, especially in a natural landscape style. Thanks to its strong branches, it is suitable for individual plantings or as a hedge.

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