Hydrangea macrophylla Forever & Ever® Hortbux Blue

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Hydrangea macrophylla Forever & Ever® Hortbux Blue

Size: C2

Plant age: 2 y.

Frost resistance: Zone 5b (-25°C)

Description: Immerse yourself in the unique world of the Forever & Ever® Hortbux collection, where the beauty of the plant meets exceptional functionality. Just 5 plants per linear meter deliver over 100 flower buds per meter, creating an unforgettable impression in any garden. Features of Forever & Ever® Hortbux: Extra Compact Form: This collection offers an exceptionally compact form, becoming a densely flowering solution to replace traditional boxwoods or thuja. Forever & Ever® Hortbux maintains a compact structure, reaching only knee height after 5 years. Abundant Blooming on New and Old Shoots: Despite its compactness, Hortbux in the Forever & Ever® collection impresses with abundant blooming, providing not just aesthetic appeal but also functionality in the garden. Pruning Possibility: Want to keep the plants even smaller? It's simple! Forever & Ever® Hortbux allows for easy pruning, giving you full control over the shape and size. Discover the unique harmony of beauty and functionality with the Forever & Ever® Hortbux collection. The perfect solution for those who desire an elegant, abundantly blooming alternative to traditional conifers. Recommended suitable soil pH due to flower color. Plants in acidic soil will have more bluish flowers while in neutral pH, the color will be pink.

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