Hydrangea Petite Star

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Size: P9/C2

Growing Height (m): 0.5 - 0.6


This compact variant reaches a height of 50-60 cm and a width of 80-90 cm. It is characterized by strong stems. Its inflorescences are dense, composed of large sterile flowers and a small number of fertile ones. The sterile flowers completely hide the fertile ones at the peak of blooming. At the beginning of the blooming period, the petals are lime-colored, over time they lighten, then gain a pink shade, and by the end of blooming turn red. The flowering is abundant, lasting from July to September.

Cultivation features:

Prefers sunny locations. Best grown in humus-rich, moderately moist soils. Frost resistance up to –28ºC, also noted for high heat resistance. Mulching of young plants for the winter is recommended.


Ideal for small gardens as a solitary plant, looks excellent when grown in containers.

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