Juniperus communis Arnold

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Juniperus communis Arnold

Size: С2

Height of the adult plant: 1-1.4 m

Meet the Juniperus Communis 'Arnold': A Slender, Columnar German-Bred Tree for Your Garden

The Juniperus communis 'Arnold', bred in Germany in 1958, is known for its slow growth and unique slender columnar shape. Its tightly vertical growth and bluish-green, prickly needles give it a distinct appearance. At ten years old, 'Arnold' can grow up to 1-1.4 meters tall and up to 0.2 meters wide, making it perfect for rock gardens and small flower beds. It's also an excellent choice for cemetery landscaping. The Juniperus communis is undemanding regarding soil type and moisture, withstands harsh winter temperatures down to -35...-40C, and grows on both gravelly and limestone soils. However, it may perish in dry summer conditions due to lack of moisture on thin limestone soils. It also thrives on acidic marshy and seaside sandy soils. 'Arnold' loves open areas like seashores, glades, and heaths, and is very light-demanding. When transplanting, it's important to keep a soil ball from its previous growing location, as it is a mycorrhizal plant. Be vigilant for diseases and carry out preventive spraying against fungi when necessary.

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