Juniperus squamata Blue Star

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Juniperus squamata Blue Star

Size: С2

Height of the adult plant: 40 cm

Introducing the Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star'.

A dense, dwarf, and slow-growing variety that's very popular across Europe. In its youth, it has a spreading form, becoming more irregular as it matures. At ten years old, this plant can grow up to 0.4 meters tall and 0.5 meters wide. Its needle-like foliage is intensely blue-grey, adding a unique color to any garden. 'Blue Star' is suitable for all types of garden soils, from acidic to alkaline. It thrives in full sun and light shade, where its color becomes even more intense. This variety is perfect for smaller gardens, ideal for rockeries and flower beds, both as a solitary plant and in small groups.

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