Lupine West Country Rachel

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Lupinus West Country Rachel

Suurus: C2

Plant age: 2 y.

Height of the adult plant: 80-90 cm

Frost resistance: -35°C

Description: The contrasting colors of the newest series of lupins "West Country" will undoubtedly attract the attention of passersby in your garden. The compactness of this series allows for the cultivation of these lupin varieties not only in the garden but also indoors in pots and containers. In addition to their amazing flower colors, varieties in this series are known for their strong stems, sturdy flower stalks with dense spikes, long flowering periods, and fragrance. Under favorable conditions, they can bloom in the year of planting. They bloom for a month to a month and a half, and if spent inflorescences are removed, a second bloom is possible after a short break. The plant is unpretentious and frost-resistant. Lupins are excellent at absorbing nitrogen from the atmosphere and distributing it through their roots to other plantings nearby. For this reason, they are often used as green manure plants, acting as a "free healer" for poor soils and in places where perennial plantings have grown for years without being replanted.

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