Picea glauca Alberta Globe

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Picea glauca Alberta Globe

Size: С2

Height of the adult plant: 30-40 cm

Discover 'Alberta Globe', a unique Canadian spruce for your garden.

First discovered in the Netherlands in 1965, this Canadian spruce is a compact and rare addition to any garden. At just 0.3 meters tall after ten years, it's perfect for small spaces. 'Alberta Globe' features thin, short branches with bright green needles measuring 6-9 mm, adding a fresh look to your garden. It's not fussy about where it's planted or the soil type, but doesn't like standing water. In Estonia, it's recommended to protect it from the spring sun. 'Alberta Globe' is great for rock and alpine gardens, as well as for group plantings on lawns or as part of larger compositions. The more resilient varieties of this spruce stand out with blue needles or a waxy coating, making them even more distinctive.

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