Picea glauca Conica

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Picea glauca Conica

Size: С2

Height of the adult plant: 1 - 1.50 m

Discover the Picea glauca 'Conica': The Most Popular Dense Conical Variety for Your Garden.

The Picea glauca 'Conica', also known as the Canadian Spruce 'Conica', is the most popular variety with a dense, conical form. It has an annual growth of 5-10 cm, offering slow but steady growth. With its dark green color, short and narrow needles, 'Conica' adds depth and texture to your garden. It's undemanding in terms of soil and moisture but does not tolerate standing water. In Estonia, it is recommended to shade 'Conica' from the spring sun for optimal growth. The stronger forms are distinguished by blue needles or a waxy coating. 'Conica' is perfect for rockeries and alpine gardens, and also ideal for group plantings on lawns, individually, or as part of larger garden compositions.

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