Pinus mugo Pumilio

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Pinus mugo pumilio

Size: 1,5-2 L

Height of the adult plant: 1.5 m


Typically grows up to 0.8 meters tall, forming a branched dwarf shrub with a diameter of 2-3 meters. It naturally occurs in the Central and Eastern Alps, on the Balkans at elevations above 2000 meters. The plant has ground-hugging branches, resulting in a rounded and flat crown. Its needles are 3-6 cm long, dark green, and stiff, attaching in pairs to the shoot and lasting for 4-6 years. The cones are 2-6 cm long, egg-shaped, and light brown, maturing in the second year. Prefers bright locations, as it becomes sparse in partial shade. It is undemanding regarding soil, thriving on rocky, sandy, or gravelly grounds, as well as on slightly moist, marshy soils. Ideal for growing both individually and in groups, fitting perfectly into rock gardens, stony beds, peat and heath gardens, as well as in mulched flowerbeds. It is very adaptable and requires minimal care. Tolerates pruning of shoots well, which is recommended to be done in late May - early June, before the new shoots harden, shortening the branches by about one third to half. Regular pruning allows for the formation of various dense shapes or even hedges.

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