Pinus mugo Sunshine

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Pinus mugo Sunshine

Size: С2

Height of the adult plant: 1.5 m

Meet the Pinus mugo 'Sunshine': A Slow-Growing, Colorful Variety for Your Garden

The Pinus mugo 'Sunshine' is a slow-growing, mound-shaped, variegated variety that brings a unique beauty to your garden. Its needles are dark green with beautiful yellow stripes down the center. With an annual growth of 5-8 cm, it ensures steady and uniform development. Mountain pines demand plenty of light and can appear sparse even in partial shade. Unfussy about soil types, 'Sunshine' thrives on rocky, sandy, and gravelly soils, as well as on slightly moist peaty lands. Perfect for planting both individually or in groups, in rock gardens, on peat and heath lands, and in mulched flower beds. 'Sunshine' is a versatile and low-maintenance plant, ideally suited for gardens in the Estonia and similar climates.

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