Raspberry Tower PBR (Hara)

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Rubus idaeus Tower PBR (Hara)

Size: P9

Plant age: 0+ y.

Height of the adult plant: 2 m

Frost resistance: -26,3°C

Description: Introduced Hara San from Japan. Named by the breeder as "raspberry tree." Upright habitus, height 200 cm x width 60 cm. Does not require support. Stems are stiff, upright, and covered with thorns. Fruit is small (about 2 cm), very red, spherical. Long fruiting period throughout the summer (from June to August). Fruits every year. Prefers sunny or semi-shaded location, fertile, well-drained soil. Butterflies and bees are frequent visitors. Thanks to its narrow habitus, it is ideal for living hedges, pot cultivation on terraces and balconies, and in small gardens.

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