Redcurrant Werdavia (Berries of white color)

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Ribes rubrum Werdavia

Plant age: 1 y.

Size: P9

Height of the adult plant: 150 cm

Frost resistance: -35°C

Description: White currant 'Verdavia' is an early-maturing, vigorously growing variety. The bush forms easily, reaching a height of 1.5 m. The shoots are powerful, durable, easily directed, with a spreading, sturdy crown. The leaf is dense, rounded, with serrated edges, and green in color. The inflorescences are bell-shaped, with small flowers and lilac petals. The berry is white, clustered, spherical, large, weighing 1.2 g, covered with a semi-transparent yellowish skin with a pinkish tint. The flesh is firm, sweet with a refreshing acidity. The fruiting is regular, and its use is versatile. The transportability is good.

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