Rose Flammentanz

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Groundcover rose Flammentanz

Size: C2

Plant age: 0+ y.

Height of the adult plant: 400-500 cm

Frost resistance: -28°C

Description: The climbing rose "Flammentanz" is one of the best red climbing roses. Its blooming is bright and abundant. The flowers of this rose are densely red, large, up to 8 cm, double with 25-40 petals, with a light fragrance, gathered in clusters of 3-16. It withstands thirty-degree frosts but, unfortunately, blooms only once at the end of May - beginning of June, for 30-35 days. Due to its high frost resistance, it is a very popular variety in Scandinavia. The rose bush is sprawling, slightly untidy. The foliage is bright green. The variety is very hardy. Resistant to fungal diseases. Suitable for planting in groups, as solitary plants, and for vertical gardening. Height 400-500 cm.

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