Strawberry Penelope (Zemklunika)

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Fragaria x ananassa Penelope

Size: frigo

Plant age: 0+ y.


Interspecific hybrid - obtained from crossing garden strawberries and Milanese strawberries. This is a mid-early, very winter-hardy, extremely disease and pest resistant variety of zemklunika. The variety has round berries of a deep burgundy color. It has a very strong nutmeg aftertaste, sweet to the point of cloying. The bushes with carved foliage are very beautiful in themselves and simply delightful during flowering. The bush is medium-sized. The flower stalks are slightly inclined, at the level of the leaves. The flowers on it are bisexual. The berry is oval-shaped, with tender flesh, approximate weight 7–8 g, maximum 22 g. The yield from the bush can reach 200–250 g.

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