Tulip Vanilla Coup

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Tulipa Vanilla Coup

Quantity package: 5pc
Bulb size: 12+
Height of the adult plant: 50-60 cm
Frost resistance: USDA zone 5-11 (-30°C)
Shipping of autumn bulbs starts on September 20th. (Orders for summer plants are not combined with autumn bulbs).
Description: The double tulip Vanilla Cup looks like yellow ice cream in a green sundae cup. The glossy petals are packed so tightly in the bud that they appear as a solid mass. This medium-height bulbous flower extends on a grassy stem up to 60 cm tall. The foliage is dark green, broad-leaved, and sessile on the stem. At the end of the flower stalk in April-May, several fleshy, light green sepals open to form the base for a dense, goblet-shaped bud with a wide base. Numerous yellow petals are arranged in tiers, forming a "mound" of petals. The flower emits a pleasant fragrance.

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